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                       Program solution for a personal  job applications management


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CVitae's presentation


A guide during the whole cover letter writing process

The cover letter pattern is, like a mailing, generated and personalized for every contact, thanks to the use of "variable" keywords.

A rigorous and easy tool for your applications follow-up

The applications (spontaneous/job offer) are saved into your contact list, and can be followed-up until you get the recruiter's answer.

A CV creating tool

With many CV patterns at your disposal, CVitae simplifies CV writing process and results in the creation of a professional-looking resume.
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Some advice
  So that you avoid the "blank page"   
  Here are some cover letter examples, for different situations.


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Tips for a successful application

You must draw recruiters attention to your application 
Tips on how to write your cover letter : click here 


4 methods : Answers to job offers, Targeted mailing, Submit your CV on job websites , Networks.

_ Answers to job offers

This is the most efficient method, because you can select job offers that match your profile. The only disadvantage is that you will compete with other job seekers. Using this method allows the recruiter to receive many applications and to have the choice. It is therefore essential for you to make the difference with a clear and professional CV and cover letter.                                              

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_ Targeted mailing

With this method you are indeed able to reach a large number of companies. But you need to have a general, non-specific, non-personalized letter. It is very rare "to be in the right place at the right time", that is to say to meet a specific need of the companies you reached with your application.This method will then mainly be chosen for recruitment agencies and headhunters. They constantly need various profiles to answer their clients specific needs. This way, you hand over to a third party your "profile-corresponding" job prospection.                                     

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_ Submit your CV on a job website

This is a more passive method than answering job offers directly. Nonetheless, it is relevant when your profile shows specific and distinctive skills and characteritics, and you must then put them forward in your resume and cover letter. When you first submit it, your application is sent to a large recruiters mailing list. During the first few days, your profile is viewed many times. But it doesn't last long. Every time you make a modification on your profile, it goes back on top of the list when recruiters select a sorting by date of modification. So here is our advice : update your profile and resume regularly to increase their visibility !                               

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_ Networks

We all have a personal contact network, and we don't use it as much as we could and as we should. For every person we know, we could get an average of three or four relevant contacts. Don't hesitate to talk about the kind of position you are looking for to friends or family members. You never know, maybe they happen to know someone who is looking for your profile. Of course, it doesn't work for many people, but it already did, so why not you? Also think about checking on the Internet for specialized networks. They are often sorted by industry categories (eg : the graphists network...) and give you precious advice on your specific field.




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