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CVitae's presentation


A guide during the whole cover letter writing process

The cover letter pattern is, like a mailing, generated and personalized for every contact, thanks to the use of "variable" keywords.

A rigorous and easy tool for your applications follow-up

The applications (spontaneous/job offer) are saved into your contact list, and can be followed-up until you get the recruiter's answer.

A CV creating tool

With many CV patterns at your disposal, CVitae simplifies CV writing process and results in the creation of a professional-looking resume.
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Some advice
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  Here are some cover letter examples, for different situations.


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Recruiters websites and Directory

Here are some websites that can be very useful if you want to check Recruitment Agencies during your job search. This not an exhaustive list. If you need more links, just search on the Internet typing "Recruiting Agencies + your country"



www.job-hunt.org : it is an online job search guide and resource directory. It concerns mainly the US.

www.agencycentral.co.uk : here you have access to thousands of recruitment agencies and job sites, sorted by industry sector or geographic location. It is a very complete seaarch source. It concerns UK.

www.alec.co.uk : here are free tips on writing CV/cover letters, as well as a large list of links to recruitment agencies and job sites in UK, but also in Canada&US or other countries such as Ireland or New Zealand.

www.employmentagencies.com : headhunters and executive recruiters Directory for the US, Canada and UK.

 www.employment.byron.com.au : many links for recruitment agencies in Western Australia.

 www.latrobe.edu.au : here is a list of recruiting agencies in Australia, whether general or specialized

If you know some good webesites with Recruiting Agencies Directory, please feel free to send us a mail. We will be happy to complete this page following your advice.



CVitae is a Freeware. It is then a completely free software, neither limited in time nor in functionalities. There is no CVitae buying version. You can download it, install it as many times as you wish.You can distribute it and copy it. You can click below to download it

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