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CVitae's presentation


A guide during the whole cover letter writing process

The cover letter pattern is, like a mailing, generated and personalized for every contact, thanks to the use of "variable" keywords.

A rigorous and easy tool for your applications follow-up

The applications (spontaneous/job offer) are saved into your contact list, and can be followed-up until you get the recruiter's answer.

A CV creating tool

With many CV patterns at your disposal, CVitae simplifies CV writing process and results in the creation of a professional-looking resume.
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Some advice
  So that you avoid the "blank page"   
  Here are some cover letter examples, for different situations.


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User guide

CVitae has three main functions : helping you write your CV, write your cover letter and manage the various job applications you made.
Other functions are added in order to make your applications follow-up easier, such as the automatic personalization of the cover letter and resume you generated for each contact, the ability to send your applications directly using CVitae, the capture job function with which job offers are copied and pasted into your contact list, and the export of your CV and cover  letter in a Word format.




Rapid access to functions : 

_ Write your CV

You write your CV step by step, each one being accessible using the first six icons of the toolbar. 

For each step, a form shows every fields you need to fill in as well as information and advice on how to draft a good resume. As and when you fill in details, you can click on "Refresh CV" to see what the CV looks like.

You can choose your document format (Word or HTML) and color at any time.

The "Save" button allows you to save the information you filled in and to generate a word format CV. So if you wish to modify your CV using directly MS Word, remember to save first your folder clicking on the corresponding toolbar button or on "Save", both having the same function.

_ Write your cover letter

When you click on the following icon, 
, the cover letter writing screen shows. Initially you can distinguish clear grey frames that separate the different fields of the letter : issuer, recipient, subject/objective and the body of the letter.

This letter is a template, and it is necessary that you keep the "variable" fields (<...>), as these important information must show on a cover letter.

To fill it easily, click on the "Initialize" button. The variable fields appear on the page. You don't need to modify them as they will be automatically replaced by the corresponding data of the contact you wish to send the cover letter to.

When you answer to a job offer, you can modify the cover letter you previously generated without modifying your pattern.

_ Contacts management

A contact corresponds to a job offer, that is to say to a company. If several job offers are issued from the same company, it will be saved as several contacts. 

To go to the contacts management screen, click on the corresponding toolbar button : 
The screen separates in two parts. On the right is your contact list. If you select a contact clicking on it, its specific details show on the left part of the screen. 

How can you create a new contact?
If you only have the contact e-mail (common for spontaneous applications), fill in the corresponding field and submit. CVitae should recognize in the e-mail the company name and the contact name (eg : franklinroosevelt@semantis-software.com), and fill in automatically the corresponding boxes. But you need to check these information and correct them if needed.

_ Job offers capture

Capturing a job offer saves you time, as every contact details is saved in your contact list. It is very useful when you wish to answer to the recruiter by email. When you have no choice but to fill in an application form directly on a website, you can nonetheless capture the job offer to keep record of it.

To capture a job offer, click on the corresponding toolbar button :

The Internet browser displays CVitae's home page.

Find job offer that correspond to tghe position you are looking for. Starting with the job title, select the whole job offer text with your mouse. Make sure you select the company and contact information.

Click on the "capture" button. The job offer is saved in CVitae's contact list. Repeat the process for every job offer you want to apply.
Now, you can go back to CVitae's "Manage contact and job advertisements" window and post your application. 

_ Applications management : job offers and answers to recruiters.

In your contact list, every contact represents a job offer. If you want to send your application, click on a job offer in the list (on the right). Its details will show on the left part of the screen. If you click on the "Zoom" button, the job offer details will be summarized in a new window. 

Then click on "Apply Job offer". A small window will show and give you a preview of the message you are about to send. The body of the text is your resume, and the attachment your generated resume. You can here choose to change the letter content or the attached document.




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