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A guide during the whole cover letter writing process

The cover letter pattern is, like a mailing, generated and personalized for every contact, thanks to the use of "variable" keywords.

A rigorous and easy tool for your applications follow-up

The applications (spontaneous/job offer) are saved into your contact list, and can be followed-up until you get the recruiter's answer.

A CV creating tool

With many CV patterns at your disposal, CVitae simplifies CV writing process and results in the creation of a professional-looking resume.
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Some advice
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  Here are some cover letter examples, for different situations.


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Functionalities of the CVitae software

CVitae : a simple and intuitive use

Cvitae is a freeware that manages your work candidacies. Using various patterns, you can write very easily a professional CV and cover letter, in a Word or HTML format. During the whole CV and cover letter writing process, you are given precious advice. In no time, your documents are ready, clear, professional and personalized to your different recipients.

But the main advantage of Cvitae is to allow you to use it as a job offer/application and contacts management tool. With its capture function, job offers found on the Internet can be directly saved into your contact list and then followed-up.



Writing your resume
· Step by step, fill in every information you want to put in your resume. You can fill in the existing boxes or use the copy and paste section.

· Select a CV model and click on "Refresh the CV". You can see what your resume looks like and send it when completed.

· It takes only a few minutes to write your CV. You can modify the template throughout the whole process, as well as its color, using the coor palette.

. Writing your cover letter
In order to make it easier for you to send several applications in a few minutes only, the cover letter contains variable keywords. Each one is replaced by your contact corresponding data (such as Dear M, Dear Mrs, the company address...) when you send your application. Every cover letter you send with CVitae is personalized

· Job applications follow-up 
CVitae has a small text analyzer that can identify details (such as the contact e-mail address, the company name, the phone number...) when you copy and paste a job offer in the corresponding field ("Job Advertisement"). When you decide to send your application, the contact changes color. This color-coded system helps you see in a glance the evolution of your applications. On the bottom of the "Contact details" window, you can choose your contacts status (contact, job application sent, second interview, position accepted...)


CVitae is a Freeware. It is then a completely free software, neither limited in time nor in functionalities. There is no CVitae buying version. You can download it, install it as many times as you wish.You can distribute it and copy it.

But CVitae  is nonetheless protected by the International Law on Intellectual Property and remains its software designer property. You are not allowed to dismantle it nor to modify it.

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